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The Future of Augmented Cognition movie is based on the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's Improving Warfighter Information Intake Under Stress Program (AugCog).


Alex Singer Productions Premiered    "The Future of Augmented Cognition"   at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on July 24, 2005.


  • Executive Producer & Director - Alex Singer

  • Producer - Dylan Schmorrow

  • Screenplay - Judith Singer

Story Line

The Future of Augmented Cognition (FAC) short film was commissioned to tell the story of AugCog science and technology, with an eye to how it will mature and be used in the coming decades. This movie is not only a look at today’s sensor technology potential as we currently think of it, but it is also a close look at enhanced closed-loop AugCog systems in the years to come.


Directed by Mr. Alexander Singer and filmed on location in Hollywood, California, with state-of-the-art cinematic equipment, the FAC movie is an entertaining ride into the promising future of this burgeoning field. FAC explains the rationale and functioning behind AugCog (S&T) and inspires researchers and developers alike to continue to improve AugCog-enabled technologies and thus see the field of Augmented Cognition reach its true potential.

It's the year 2030. Across the globe, multidiscimplinary teams within the Cyberspace Monitoring Organization (CMO) focus their resources on the all-encompassing internet. As the ever expanding volume and complexity of data cascades over the planet the CMO is tasked with analyzing its deeper implications. Identifying anomalies and responding appropriately are their primary objectives.


By the year 2030, the field of Augmented Cogntion has give rise to the first generation of symbiotic, human-computer dyads. The CMO is the first global agency to leverage this state-of-the-art technology. On this particular morning one of these teams discovers, evaluates, and responds to a seemingly small irregularity in the vastness of cyberspace.

Based on technology developed within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Improvign Warfighter Information Intake Under Stress Program (AugCog).

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